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Students' attitudes towards using podcasts in Higher Education

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posted on 07.11.2007, 09:58 authored by Shalika Gajasinghe
Technology has developed over the years and podcasting has become the new phenomenon. Podcasting has been integrated within the higher education sector to update learning styles with the technological revolution. Research into the implementation of this feature has been carried out overseas, particularly in the USA and Australia. Implementation within the UK, however, is still within the research stages. The following report explores the methods being utilised overseas and in the UK and the future of podcasting in education in the UK. Primary research at Loughborough University enabled an effective judgement on student attitudes to be assessed. Primary research consisted of questionnaires, focus group and a case study on the UK podcasting project devised by professors at Leicester University. From the primary research quantitative and qualitative is captured for an analysis of student attitudes to be gained, where the success of podcasting can be evaluated with the Loughborough sample. Aspects of the structure of the podcast presented to students and how it would be utilised, e.g. as a replacement to lectures or as an additional resource. From both the primary research and secondary research both from overseas and in the UK the update of podcasting integrated with education is analysed and a judgement made on how successful the update will be in UK universities yet to adopt the concept as well as Loughborough University itself.



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A Master's Dissertation, submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Arts degree of Loughborough University.



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