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The use of document supply services by the engineering community of Loughborough University

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posted on 20.12.2017, 12:35 authored by Kirsty J. Campbell
Librarians have an increased need for information to help them improve the provision of document supply services to users. This increased need results from developments in the field of document supply, such as the emergence of CAS-IAS services. The study considers the value of using inter-library loan statistics and studies of particular groups' information needs to provide this information. Individual inter-library loan records are analysed to provide information on the need for document supply by Loughborough University's engineering community. A smaller sample records is analysed to determine how the current service offered by the Pilkington Library meets the need described. Inter-library loan statistics, generated by an automated inter-library loan management system, are used as a source of comparable information on the service received throughout Loughborough University. The study seems to indicate that engineers have greater need for conference proceedings and reports, than the rest of the academic community. Results also show that engineers of different academic grades and disciplines differ in their use of the document delivery service. The highest demand for the service came from research students, followed by staff. More of their demand was for conference proceedings, whereas books accounted for more of postgraduate and undergraduate requests. The departments of manufacturing, mechanical and chemical engineering exhibited the highest demand, and proportionally more of their requests were for serials. The departments of aeronautical and automotive engineering and transport studies and civil and building engineering requested proportionally more reports. The study also shows the use of bibliographic reference services to be dependent on the academic grade and discipline of the requester. The BIDS service was shown to be the most popular, being favoured by research students and staff and mechanical, manufacturing and chemical engineers. Undergraduates and the department of aeronautical and automotive and transport studies used various sources in significant amounts. The results are used as a basis to suggest possible ways of improving the Pilkington Library's service to engineers.



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