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Why do women predominate as enquirers into health information?

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posted on 2012-09-13, 11:54 authored by Rachel A. Blackmore
The aim of the study is to investigate why women predominate as enquirers into health information. A literature-based discussion followed by a questionnaire survey are the methods chosen for the investigation. The literature review presents the main areas of contention as perceived by the researcher, whilst the survey attempts to test these theories further. Although much of the data collected were subjective in nature they provided a broad overview of some of the opinions and attitudes which cause women to predominate as enquirers into health information. It is recommended that further research be undertaken, particularly into how gender affects the doctor-patient relationship and how the medical profession could provide women with greater freedom of choice in their medical care. Finally, it is concluded that if better health care facilities and health information services are to be developed, it is necessary to understand fully why women constitute the majority of clients for health information.



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A Master's Dissertation, submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Arts degree of Loughborough University.


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