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Line Number by Time fixation plots

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posted on 26.12.2017, 12:58 by Matthew InglisMatthew Inglis, Lara AlcockLara Alcock
Figures associated with the project "Watching mathematicians read mathematics". These are line number by time fixation plots for the first argument in the paper for all participants other than Mathematicians 3 and 9. (Mathematician 3 reported that he had failed to understand the introduction to his paper, and so could not successfully engage with the later arguments. Mathematician 9 appeared to skip over the proofs in his paper (which, at 53 pages, was the longest of those chosen). He reported afterwards that his aim had been to "get an idea of their approach", rather than to understand the technical details.)

The first clear-cut reading attempt is been magnified, together with its associated LOESS curve (2nd order, width 0.3).


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