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Multimedia resources designed to support learning from written proofs: An eye-movement study. Supplementary Materials

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posted on 06.03.2017, 15:19 authored by Lara AlcockLara Alcock, Matthew InglisMatthew Inglis, Somali Roy
These are the supplementary materials for the article "When research-based interventions fail: Multimedia resources designed to support learning from written proofs".

For Study One the material consists of: Theorem and Proof used for Immediate Post-Test; Theorem and Proof used for Delayed Post-Test; Comprehension Test; Additional Information Sheet: Definitions and Theorems.

For Study Two the material consists of: Theorem, Proof and Comprehension Test 1; Theorem, Proof and Comprehension Test 2; Theorem (Rolle’s Theorem), Proof and Comprehension Test 3; Theorem (Cauchy’s GMVT), Proof and Comprehension Test 4.


Mathematics, Statistics, and Operational Research Network of the Higher Education Academy (to LA and MI); Royal Society Worshipful Company of Actuaries Research Fellowship (to MI)



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