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Pubs in Leicester

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posted on 24.05.2018, 13:37 by Johnny Xu

Most of the pubs and bars in Leicester are decorated by the blue flags, blue shirts and banners, which is manifesting a significant ‘homely’ environment and ‘hosting’ identity. Symbols embody aspirations and values; they evoke moments of defeat and joy (Guibernau, 2013: 97). When they are celebrating a triumph of the football team’s achievement to determine their own meanings, the meanings right to say is symbolic.

The ‘blue’ pubs do not only present the individual identity, but also a collective recognition of the social encounters or authority in the city. Bale (1993) suggests stadia can be seen as sacred places such as churches. Then a same metaphor can be applied to the pubs as chambers, which construct a sense of belonging between supporters and the club. In the sense, the blue decorated pubs of Leicester act as symbols that provide a revealing device to distinguish between insiders and outsiders and heighten people’s awareness of, and sensitivity to, their community (Guibernau, 2013: 37).