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Souvenir in King Power Stadium Fan Store

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posted on 24.05.2018, 13:35 by Johnny Xu

In the retail space, various products can be found in relation to the LCFC, such as shirts, mascots, accessories, books, souvenirs, calendars and the props for fans. These are the commodities that strategically are applying an idea of ‘symbolic economy’(Zukin, 1995), which refers to the organisation of symbols into meaningful representations. The symbolic economy, as a continual production of symbols and spaces, frames and gives meaning to the change of identity and environment.

The emblems, figure of foxes, the checkered patterns of blue and white are all symbols produced with conventional meanings for the customers. As the symbols are able to empower and support whatever happens in the areas of behaviour and communication (Van Riel, in Nas & Samuels, 2006: 244), in the sense, purchasing the merchandise in the shop is a consumption of symbol which address the important factor of economic force driven by the sports culture.