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Visual Merchandising on Narborough Road

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posted on 29.05.2018, 13:47 authored by Johnny Xu

Narborough Road as a shopping environment uses the display and visual communication approaches of design to create more engaging and meaningful interaction with customers. Apart from the shop front and signage, the merchandise display in front of the shops also contributes significant colours in visual perception.

The operation of retail format differs because of different regulations and industry structure in market (Fernie et al., 2015: 9). The particular retail format on Narborough Road allows the extension of display of visual merchandising outside the shop, which is associated with the street structure as a distinctive pattern in contrast with other high streets in the city.

In order to analyse the retail colourscape of Narborough Road, it requires the reviewing and rethinking of the delicate relation between visual objects and the built environments. The notion of documented retail colourscape of Narborough is to help to interpret the unique and dynamic aspects of street setting. Each image shown can be seen as a representation that intends to explain the structure of colourscape and process to construct colour identity of Narborough as a whole.