Adaptive guidance and control of uncertain lunar landers in terminal landing phases

2020-04-03T10:20:45Z (GMT) by Liang Sun Guang Sun Jingjing Jiang
A novel double-loop guidance and control strategy for under-actuated lunar landers in terminal landing phases is developed by using adaptive nonlinear control approach in this study. To derive the main thrust input and inner-loop desired attitude trajectory, the outer-loop position tracking guidance law is firstly developed based on the hyperbolic tangent functions to guarantee the constrained thrust and singularity avoidance of the desired attitudes. Then, to avoid the complicated analytic-derivative computing of the desired attitude trajectory, a stable second-order filter is employed to generate the command attitude trajectory for the inner-loop attitude motion. Finally, an adaptive attitude tracking controller is designed by combining the barrier Lyapunove function and the backstepping technique to get rid of the singularities of the Euler angles-based attitude kinematic Jacobian matrix. In addition, tuning rules for designing parameters in guidance law and attitude controller are derived based on the Lyapunov analysis, and the pose tracking errors in the closed-loop system ultimately converge to the small neighborhoods of the origin. An example is simulated to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control design approach.