Nonlinear adaptive prediction of speech with a pipelined recurrent neural network

2010-01-18T13:54:42Z (GMT) by Jens Baltersee Jonathon Chambers
New learning algorithms for an adaptive nonlinear forward predictor that is based on a pipelined recurrent neural network (PRNN) are presented. A computationally efficient gradient descent (GD) learning algorithm, together with a novel extended recursive least squares (ERLS) learning algorithm, are proposed. Simulation studies based on three speech signals that have been made public and are available on the World Wide Web (WWW) are used to test the nonlinear predictor. The gradient descent algorithm is shown to yield poor performance in terms of prediction error gain, whereas consistently improved results are achieved with the ERLS algorithm. The merit of the nonlinear predictor structure is confirmed by yielding approximately 2 dB higher prediction gain than a linear structure predictor that employs the conventional recursive least squares (RLS) algorithm.