Purification of prothrombin in Nitschmann fraction III by membrane radial column ion-exchange liquid chromatograph

method is described for the purification of human prothrombin complex concentrate ( PCC) from Nitschmann fraction Ⅲ by membrane radial column ion2exchange chromatography , which allows large sample volumes to be processed at low operation pressure. The Nitschmann fraction Ⅲ(15 g) was mixed with 1 000 mL 0. 06 mol/ L Tris2HCl (pH 7. 5) . The centrifuged supernatant (10 000 r/ min ,15 min ,20 ℃) was applied onto a DEAE ion2exchange liquid chromatographic column (XK216 DEAE fast flow Sepharose and DEAE membrane radical column chromatography) with almost the same excellent separation efficiency. The parameters of sample flow rate , elution flow rate and sample capacity were optimized.