Theoretical and experimental study of a fluidic device as a fuel injector for natural gas engines

2009-04-17T14:05:45Z (GMT) by Rui Chen Q. Huang Gordon G. Lucas
A novel fluidic gaseous fuel injector, designed for natural gas engines, has been tested and analysed in this paper. The injector is based on the use of a mono-stable fluidic amplifier. Its steady state and dynamic characteristics were tested and compared with several commercial solenoid gas injectors on a laboratory test rig. The results show that the fluidic gas injector is able to handle the large gas flowrates required by natural gas engines with a faster switching response and higher injection stability. Also, the steady state attachment and dynamic switching response of the jet flow in the fluidic amplifier were analysed by a mathematical simulation model. The agreement between predicted and experimental results is shown to be good.