Tilted vortex lattice in irradiate Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ single crystals

In order to enlighten the structure of vortex matter in irradiated layered Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8+δ single crystals, the interaction of Josephson vortices and pancake vortices in was investigated by means of the local ac-magnetic permeability measurements by using the miniature local coils, while vortex matter in pristine crystals was studied by in-plane resistivity measurements. The transition anomaly, separating the strong pinning phase and the weak pinning vortex phase was found by both techniques deep in the vortex solid phase solid near ab-plane, indicating crossover from the vortex chains + lattice phase to tilted vortex chains phase. While the columnar defects affect strongly the first-order vortex-lattice melting transition, the magnetic permeability anomaly, associated with the crossover from vortex chains + lattice phase to tilted lattice, is surprisingly still clear, deep in the vortex solid phase. However, the stronger columnar defects eventually affect the crossover anomaly that it disappears too.