User interface for integrating airport operations

2015-06-05T14:12:36Z (GMT) by Zhexing Yan Mahroo Eftekhari
In the past few decades, air traffic problems at major airports have been increased significantly and are expected over in the near future, which imposes a high requirement for more efficient cooperation across all airport operations. Thus, determining efficient airport operations is an important and critical problem for airports, airlines, passengers and other stakeholders. In this situation, the complexity of the problem means that advanced decision support systems are needed to guarantee efficient airside airport operations and to mitigate the environmental impact. The research Integrating and Automating Airport Operations has the main driver to decrease any detrimental effects of airport operations upon the environment. It represents a wide ranging multi-disciplinary and cross-institutional initiative to exploit recent research advances in automated search methodologies and decision support techniques for air operations (and other related areas). This research will build integrated computational models. As a part of the research, developing Human Machine Interface (HMI) is based on the user interface requirements making a platform to link the air operation models together, to build a computer simulation of the airport problem solving environment. The research is funded by EPSRC and focuses on the Manchester Airport.