Weave structure and image pattern exploration for modern double-cloth design development by deploying digital technology

2018-10-08T10:47:14Z (GMT) by Ken Ri Kim
The use of digital technology can open up new opportunities for Jacquard fabric to provide novel forms of decorative fabrics. In additional to color, texture and material, multiple layer format such as double-cloth is considered a crucial design element. In using the traditional weaving method, double-cloth design features are limited to abstract styles (i.e., stripes and color blocks). However, by deploying digital technology it is possible to depict much complicated fashion on both sides of a fabric. Two distinguished images are realized through weft yarn colors of which face, and back layer equally offer unique design novelty that was not possible with existing weaving methods. Therefore, this study firstly explored on a weave structure development which is capable of presenting pictorial images on both sides of a fabric. Once the weave structure format is finalized, further experiment is carried out with the CMYK color threads to explore the possibility of expanding a weave color scope for double-cloth. Based on the two experiments results, the details of weave structure and the image pattern design are explained to propose new types of modern double-cloth.