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3D reconstruction and measurement of surface defects in prefabricated elements using point clouds

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posted on 11.05.2020, 14:15 by Zhao Xu, Rui Kang, Ruodan Lu
Due to higher efficiency and lower cost, prefabricated construction is gradually gaining acceptance within the market. Laser scanning has already been adopted in civil engineering to reconstruct 3D model of structure and monitoring the deformation and so on. This paper seeks to explore a more automated and accurate quality control process focusing on the surface defects in prefabricated elements. Laser scanning is adopted for data collection and the 3D reconstruction of the prefabricated components. Besides, a new point cloud pre-processing, involving the KNN algorithm, reduction of data dimension and data gridding, is developed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of subsequent algorithms. The Delaunay triangle is used to extract the contour of the point cloud, then the contour is fitted to further determine the geometric data. Meanwhile, a comprehensive quality control system of prefabricated components based on relevant specifications is proposed, and the quality of prefabricated components is monitored intuitively by the values of indicators. In order to integrate into the BIM platform and better store the obtained quality information, the production quality information is designed to be extended to the IFC standard. The proposed approach will be applied to analyze the causes of quality problems in the production process and strengthen the quality control. This study designs a more efficient and accurate quality evaluation process, including data collection, data processing, indicator calculation and quality evaluation. Moreover, the results forward can feedback to the cause of the quality issues, and further improve the production quality of prefabricated elements.


National Science Council of P. R. C. (NSFC-71302138)

Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (CE01-2-2)

Scientific Research Starting Foundation for Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, Ministry of Education China



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

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