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A Tesla-pulse forming line-plasma opening switch pulsed power generator

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posted on 18.11.2010, 15:09 by Bucur NovacBucur Novac, Rajesh Kumar, Ivor Smith
A pulsed power generator based on a high-voltage Tesla transformer which charges a 3.85 /55 ns water-filled pulse forming line to 300 kV has been developed at Loughborough University as a training tool for pulsed power students. The generator uses all forms of insulation specific to pulsed power technology, liquid oil and water , gas SF6 , and magnetic insulation in vacuum, and a number of fast voltage and current sensors are implemented for diagnostic purposes. A miniature centimeter-size plasma opening switch has recently been coupled to the output of the pulse forming line, with the overall system comprising the first phase of a program aimed at the development of a novel repetitive, table-top generator capable of producing 15 GW pulses for high power microwave loads. Technical details of all the generator components and the main experimental results obtained during the program and demonstrations of their performance are presented in the paper, together with a description of the various diagnostic tools involved. In particular, it is shown that the miniature plasma opening switch is capable of reducing the rise time of the input current while significantly increasing the load power. Future plans are outlined in the conclusions.



  • Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering


NOVAC, B.M., KUMAR, R. and SMITH I.R., 2010. A Tesla-pulse forming line-plasma opening switch pulsed power generator. Review of Scientific Instruments, 81 (104704) 10pp.


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