A grounded theory based framework for level of development implementation within the information delivery manual

The present study follows the progress of the level of development (LOD) specification from its inception in 2005 to its latest updates in 2018, a total of 42 guidelines from North America and Europe are reviewed. To organise the presented literature and to provide a comprehensive framework of LOD implementation within the information delivery manual (IDM), a LOD grounded theory-based taxonomy is introduced. The variables that constitute this taxonomy are BIM purpose, Stage, Role, Classification System, Attribute, Graphical information, Scale, LOD and Net benefits. The result of this exercise is a comprehensive view of the LOD construct impact on project performance which can be studied as a cumulative framework, where new research on the constructs can be added. Therefore, this allows a point towards the direction where further work is needed within the field of LOD-IDM implementation, such as the study of its use for data management among other uses.