A review of children’s fitness testing

2009-04-07T11:46:30Z (GMT) by Jo Harris Lorraine Cale
A review of literature on children’s fitness testing formed part of a study exploring the feasibility of fitness testing children in order to promote their physical activity and health status. The review revealed that there is no empirical evidence to support concerns about low levels of fitness amongst children or a decline in children’s fitness over time. Further, there is only weak evidence that physical fitness is related to children’s current health although growing evidence that it may be related to future health. However, the measurement of children’s fitness is problematic, given methodological limitations and the possible negative impact on some children. Additionally, the use of children’s fitness test data to inform policy and practice is limited, and there is little evidence that large scale surveys on children’s fitness have positively impacted on children’s health, activity and fitness. Based on the review, recommendations are included for policy makers and practitioners which reflect the shift towards a stronger emphasis on physical activity within health promotion.