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An analysis of the anticipated cultural impacts of the implementation of data warehouses

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posted on 2011-03-18, 16:19 authored by Neil Doherty, Graham Doig
The implementation of information systems is increasingly resulting in significant impacts upon the host organization’s culture. This study seeks to explore how major changes to the flow and quality of information, engendered through the implementation of data warehouses, are likely to impact upon organizational culture, among a sample of large U.K.-based enterprises. An analysis of these cases suggest that improvements to the flow of information may have the potential to modify organizational culture, particularly in the areas of customer service, flexibility, integration, and empowerment. Moreover, a modified version of the “competing values” framework is then used as a mechanism for exploring and discussing the implications of such IT-induced cultural changes. The paper concludes with a word of warning that information technology rarely delivers a quick fix and that the realization of benefits and the management of cultural change are a long-term and potentially difficult undertaking.



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DOHERTY, N.F. and DOIG, G., 2003. An analysis of the anticipated cultural impacts of the implementation of data warehouses. IEEE Transactions in Engineering Management, 50 (1), pp. 78-88.


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