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Architecture for the management and presentation of communication network performance data

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posted on 15.01.2007, 12:20 authored by Iain PhillipsIain Phillips, David Parish, Mark Sandford, Omar Bashir, Anthony Pagonis
Packet based data networks such as BT's Switched Multi- megabit Data Service (SMDS) have performance that varies with customer behaviour, network design and network pro- vision. This paper describes a system researched to monitor such networks from the customer's perspective, but on be- half of the operator. The information generated allows the operator to determine whether the network is performing correctly or whether changes or customer load will require the network to be changed in some way. Such networks are increasing important as many parts of the Internet are built on similar technologies. The paper speci cally considers an architecture which encompasses all the main functionality involved in perfor- mance management of networks. Consideration is given to the management and dissemination of the data collected. A database to enhance network data mining performance is described. A method to identify the periods of signi - cance in the measurement data based on a statistical test and a neural network is incorporated into a realisation of the architecture. In addition, a novel mechanism for the real-time presentation of the network performance data in an operator-friendly manner is given.



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PHILLIPS. I.W. ... et al, 2006. Architecture for the management and presentation of communication network performance data. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 55(3), pp. 931-938



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