Assessment and assessment design

2020-05-18T10:56:18Z (GMT) by Keith Pond
This paper focuses on the importance of assessment as part of the student learning journey in higher education. Assessment is, however, a product of many influences, often strong and rarely within the complete control of individual teachers. Whilst the paper explores Constructive Alignment theory and the influences of curriculum design it also uses the illustrative example of seminar responses at the Faculty of Economics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. At the seminar, held in May 2018, the following overall objectives were set out: 1. To provide an overview of the UK regulation of Higher Education as an example of a Quality Assurance based system. 2. To link the constructivist paradigm with global accreditation in Business Education. 3. To discuss different types of assessment and different assessment design. Assessment is not only the focus for many students but also the visible evidence of good pedagogic design and sound quality assurance. The seminar included some interaction with delegates and the paper contains observations and feedback on the interaction of the academics at the seminar within a pedagogic framework mirrored in global educational quality assurance systems. Analysis of the interactions reveals a shared understanding of constructive alignment of assessment design within an environment where innovation is not common.