Asymptotic decay of pair correlations in a Yukawa fluid

We analyze the r→∞ asymptotic decay of the total correlation function h(r) for a fluid composed of particles interacting via a (point) Yukawa pair potential. Such a potential provides a simple model for dusty plasmas. The asymptotic decay is determined by the poles of the liquid structure factor in the complex plane. We use the hypernetted-chain closure to the Ornstein-Zernike equation to determine the line in the phase diagram, well removed from the freezing transition line, where crossover occurs in the ultimate decay of h(r), from monotonie to damped oscillatory. We show that (i) crossover takes place via the same mechanism (coalescence of imaginary poles) as in the classical one-component plasma and in other models of Coulomb fluids and (ii) leading-order pole contributions provide an accurate description of h(r) at intermediate distances r as well as at long range. © 2005 The American Physical Society.