Book review forum. Towards an intimacy ‘turn’ and the development of intimacy ‘languages’ in geography

2020-06-29T10:28:07Z (GMT) by Aija Lulle
With her book Transnational Geographies of The Heart, Katie Walsh convincingly calls for an intimacy ‘turn’ in geography. Her core argument is wide and far-reaching. Simply stated, intimacy is ‘at the heart of meaningful social life’ (Walsh, 2018: 145). And her main ambition in this book is to open up an understanding of intimate subjectivities as broad personal relationships. I will review this book in a three-fold way: firstly, her ‘push’ for this ‘intimacy turn’ in the discipline. Then, I will reflect on her contribution to what can be called ‘intimacy languages’ in geography. Finally, I will discuss the disciplinary horizon of intimacy in geographical thought, both in the past and for future inquiries.