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Bottom-up grassroots innovation in transport: motivations, barriers and enablers

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posted on 2012-10-10, 07:59 authored by Tracy RossTracy Ross, Val MitchellVal Mitchell, Andrew MayAndrew May
There is a growing phenomenon of ‘grassroots’ innovation, i.e. that triggered by individual users or communities (physical or virtual) seeking a solution to a personal or societal problem. This has great potential as a new source of sustainable transport innovations, but has been received little attention to date. This study conducted 16 in-depth interviews and a workshop with grassroots innovators in transport. A detailed thematic analysis of the interview data identified: catalysts for the idea and the motivation behind its pursuit; the barriers experienced (those that were overcome and those that were not); and the enablers that permitted the innovations to continue and to flourish. The paper concludes by identifying the conditions that need to exist for such innovations to be created, developed and exploited in order that their potential for increasing the sustainability of the transport system can be fulfilled.



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ROSS, T., MITCHELL, V. and MAY, A., 2012. Bottom-up grassroots innovation in transport: motivations, barriers and enablers. Transportation Planning and Technology, 35 (4), pp.469-489.


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