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Characterisation, control, and energy management of electrified turbocharged diesel engines

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posted on 09.03.2017, 16:06 authored by Dezong Zhao, Edward WinwardEdward Winward, Zhijia YangZhijia Yang, Richard Stobart, Thomas SteffenThomas Steffen
The electrification of engine components offers significant opportunities for fuel efficiency improvements. The electrified turbocharger is one of the most attractive options since it recovers part of the engine exhaust gas mechanical energy to assist boosting. Therefore, the engine can be downsized through improved transient responsiveness. In the electrified turbocharger, an electric machine is mounted on the turbine shaft and changes the air system dynamics, so characterisation of the new layout is essential. A systematic control solution is required to manage energy flows in the hybrid system. In this paper, a framework for characterisation, control, and energy management for an electrified turbocharged diesel engine is proposed. The impacts of the electric machine on fuel economy and air system variables are analysed. Based on the characterisation, a two-level control structure is proposed. A real-time energy management strategy is employed as the supervisory level controller to generate the optimal values of critical variables, while a model-based multi-variable controller is designed as the low level controller to track the values. The two controllers work together in a cascade to address both fuel economy optimisation and battery state-of-charge maintenance. The proposed control strategy is validated on a high fidelity physical engine model. The tracking performance shows the proposed framework is a promising solution in regulating the behavior of electrified engines.


This work was co-funded by Innovate UK, under a grant for the Low Carbon Vehicle IDP4 Programme (TP14/LCV/6/I/BG011L).



  • Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering


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Energy Conversion and Management




416 - 433


ZHAO, D. ... et al, 2017. Characterisation, control, and energy management of electrified turbocharged diesel engines. Energy Conversion and Management, 135, pp. 416-433.


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