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Construction tools and equipment – their influence on accident causality

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posted on 16.02.2010, 14:13 by Alistair Gibb, Sophie Hide, Roger Haslam, Diane GyiDiane Gyi, Trevor C. Pavitt, Sarah Atkinson, Roy Duff
This paper presents tools and equipment aspects of the results from a three-year United Kingdom Government-funded research project investigating accident causality (ConCA). The project has used focus groups and studied in detail 100 construction accidents site audits, interviews with involved persons and follow-up along the causal chain. This paper concentrates on the influence of construction tools and equipment which were found to be important contributory factors identified by the research. They have largely been overlooked by previous studies and are not typically acknowledged as accident contributors. This paper argues for further work to confirm these links and for the inclusion of tools and equipment in the list of categories in statutory reporting procedures. This would also require an increased acknowledgement by construction managers of their influence, leading to better design and management of their supply and care on site.



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


GIBB, al., 2005. Construction tools and equipment – their influence on accident causality. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 3(1), pp. 12-23


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