Content model as a tool for re-designing services at transformational level: case study of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Service Designers have been working in organisations at a transformational level using tools and methods that primarily focus on the needs of the individuals. Change theories suggest that for transformational change to take place in organisations, change in individuals needs to happen in relation to change at organisational level. Thus service designers need knowledge that enables them to envision what change may look like at an organisational level. This paper presents a case study of a content model that was developed as part of the design research to represent such knowledge. The model represents education for sustainable development (ESD) as a vision of a new service provided by schools to students. It draws on empirical data collected from five schools, organisational change theory and service thinking to show the service/user relationship that needs to be developed at a school level to move schools towards the provision of ESD. The model was tested with seven service designers through in-depth interviews. The findings support understanding and usability of the model in the design process as a tool for transformation but also highlight barriers that a model as a stand-alone tool presents. Wider issues in relation to service designers engaging with transformational change within schools are also discussed.