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Crafting a Sustainable UX Vision Toolkit

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posted on 2018-04-30, 08:34 authored by Garrath WilsonGarrath Wilson, Val MitchellVal Mitchell
In today’s competitive world the quality of the user experience offered to customers is increasingly a key differentiator in the marketplace. Customers are complicated and businesses are built upon stereotypes of ordinary people and their everyday lives and ambitions. A limited understanding of the experience that customers desire when interacting with products or services can lead to market failure or poor growth through lack of cohesion and direction at a strategic level.

The aim of this toolkit is to help entrepreneurs and businesses to understand how to create a sustainable User Experience Vision that captures the desired experience of end users and enables the formation of a User Experience Roadmap towards future business development.

This toolkit is based on design tools developed within the LEEDR (Low Effort Energy Demand Reduction) project and has been further developed within the Hothouse project. Both are joint ventures between designers, engineers, and social scientists at Loughborough University, UK.

We are happy for you to use, share and adapt this toolkit in any way that you see fit, as long as appropriate credit is given and that you provide us with some feedback on how you have used it.

If you want to make best use of this toolkit, then how about a creative workshop facilitated by User Experience Design experts from Loughborough University? If this sounds of interest, please get in contact. We are happy to travel and experienced in supporting any size from the single entrepreneur upwards.


Guide entrepreneurs through the process of crafting a sustainable UX Vision against which to align their business strategy.

Explore, discuss, and capture who their customers are, and define the real experience that customers want when engaging with an entrepreneurial business’ products or services.

Use practical tools and templates to guide future business strategy.


EPSRC EP/K026380/1 and EPSRC EP/M006735/1