Design methodologies for one way spanning eccentrically loaded minimally or centrally reinforced pre-cast RC panels

This paper examines and evaluates design methodologies applicable to pre-cast reinforced concrete (RC) panels subjected to eccentric axial load. Theoretical capacities derived from existing regulatory guidance are compared against those determined from experimental investigations, showing that slender RC walls have load capacities significantly higher than the estimates based on current design equations.A simple computational procedure incorporating lumped plasticity is presented and experimentally validated. It is shown that by utilising a non-linear hinge at the critical cross section, it is possible to effectively simulate the buckling response of the slender walls considered with a modest computational effort. The proposed design strategy emerges as a viable alternative to traditional methodologies by being able to capture the main effects of geometrical and material nonlinearities. It is therefore suggested that this approach, used in conjunction with a probabilistic, semi-empirical design procedure, will lead to design capacities more representative of actual experimental findings. © 2013 The Authors.