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Direct gaze based environmental controls

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posted on 04.02.2008, 15:03 by Fangmin Shi, Alastair G. Gale, Kevin Purdy
Living in modern times, people at home are greatly enjoying the convenience brought about by advanced technologies. With steadily increased home automation applications, it is becoming more and more popular for individuals to use one central control interface to set up and operate of all the audio, video and many household appliances in a home. However, such interfaces often are too complicated for people with a disability to operate. However, the technology has long been available to achieve Environmental Control (EC) for disabled people with limited mobility, which then helps them live with more independence. This paper presents a specially designed EC system for use by people who have lost significant mobility but who have good control of their eye movements. Through attention responsive technology, a user will be able to perform either simple or complex operations of any electrical household appliance by directly gazing at it.



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SHI, F., GALE, A.G. and PURDY, K., 2006. Direct gaze based environmental controls. IN: Proceedings of 2nd COGAIN Annual Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction : Gazing into the Future, 4-5 September 2006, Turin, Italy, pp. 36-41



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