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Discourse analysis means doing analysis: a critique of six analytic shortcomings

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posted on 2005-12-09, 17:10 authored by Charles Antaki, Michael Billig, Derek Edwards, Jonathan Potter
A number of ways of treating talk and textual data are identified which fall short of discourse analysis. They are: (1) under-analysis through summary; (2) under-analysis through taking sides; (3) under-analysis through over-quotation or through isolated quotation; (4) the circular identification of discourses and mental constructs; (5) false survey; and (6) analysis that consists in simply spotting features. We show, by applying each of these to an extract from a recorded interview, that none of them actually analyse the data. We hope that illustrating shortcomings in this way will encourage further development of rigorous discourse analysis in social psychology.



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ANTAKI, C. ... et al, 2003. Discourse analysis means doing analysis: a critique Of six analytic shortcomings. Discourse Analysis Online, 1.

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This article has been published in, Discourse Analysis Online, available at: http://www.shu.ac.uk/daol/articles/v1/n1/a1/antaki2002002-t.html.


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