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Electron kinetic effects in atmospheric dielectric-barrier glow discharges

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posted on 2009-08-20, 12:01 authored by X.M. Zhu, Michael G. Kong
Large-volume atmospheric dielectric-barrier discharges (DBD) are particularly useful for processing applications when they operate in their homogeneous mode. A vast majority of their theoretical studies is currently based on the hydrodynamic treatment in which electrons are assumed to be in equilibrium with the local electric field. Recognizing that this assumption is incorrect in the sheath region, we report the development of an electron-hybrid model to treat electrons kinetically and all other particles hydrodynamically. Through numerical examples, it is shown that the mainstream hydrodynamic model underestimates gas ionization and discharge current. Using the hybrid model, it is demonstrated that variation in the amplitude of the applied voltage does not significantly alter sheath characteristics in terms of the electric field and the electron mean energy. Also gas ionization in atmospheric DBD is found to be significant only over a short timescale of 1 µs. Compared with dc atmospheric pressure glow discharges, atmospheric DBD are shown to have a smaller electron mean energy and a larger sheath thickness.



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ZHU, X.M. and KONG, M.G., 2005. Electron kinetic effects in atmospheric dielectric-barrier glow discharges. Journal of Applied Physics, 97 (8), article 083301, pp. 1-6.


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