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Experimental measurement of local burning velocity within a rotating flow

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posted on 2013-10-28, 12:10 authored by Edward LongEdward Long, Graham HargraveGraham Hargrave
The work presented in this paper details the implementation of a new technique for the measurement of local burning velocity using asynchronous particle image velocimetry. This technique uses the local flow velocity ahead of the flame front to measure the movement of the flame by the surrounding fluid. This information is then used to quantify the local burning velocity by taking into account the translation of the flame via convection. In this paper the developed technique is used to study the interaction between a flame front and a single toroidal vortex for the case of premixed stoichiometric methane and air combustion. This data is then used to assess the impact of vortex structure on flame propagation rates. The burning velocity data demonstrates that there is a significant enhancement to the rate of flame propagation where the flame directly interacts with the rotating vortex. The increases found were significantly higher than expected but are supported by burning velocities [22-24] found in turbulent flames of the same mixture composition. Away from this interaction with the main vortex core, the flame exhibits propagation rates around the value recorded in literature for unperturbed laminar combustion [18-21].



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LONG, E.J. and HARGRAVE, G.K., 2011. Experimental measurement of local burning velocity within a rotating flow. Flow Turbulence and Combustion, 86 (3-4), pp.455-476.


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