Exploiting unified modelling language (UML) as a preliminary design tool for Common Logic-based ontologies in manufacturing

This paper proposes a particular method which utilises the unified modelling language (UML) as a design visualisation tool for modelling ontologies based on the Common Logic knowledge representation language. The use of this method will enable Common Logic ontological concepts to be more readily accessible to general engineers and provide a valuable ontology design aid. The method proposed is explored using the knowledge frame language (KFL) which provides constructs to facilitate ontology building and is built on Common Logic. The major constructs of KFL are briefly defined and a description of how each construct may be represented in UML is given. Examples are presented showing how the constructs may be modelled in UML and a Common Logic-based implementation founded on a UML design is illustrated and discussed. The manufacturing domain is utilised as an experimental basis for demonstrating the proposed method.