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Factors associated with self-reported driver sleepiness and incidents in city bus drivers

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posted on 2016-05-10, 15:12 authored by Anna Aunund, Jonas Ihlstrom, Carina Fors, Goran Kecklund, Ashleigh FiltnessAshleigh Filtness
Driver fatigue has received increased attention during recent years and is now considered to be a major contributor to approximately 15-30% of all crashes. However, little is known about fatigue in city bus drivers. It is hypothesized that city bus drivers suffer from sleepiness, which is due to a combination of working conditions, lack of health and reduced sleep quantity and quality. The overall aim with the current study is to investigate if severe driver sleepiness, as indicated by subjective reports of having to fight sleep while driving, is a problem for city based bus drivers in Sweden and if so, to identify the determinants related to working conditions, health and sleep which contribute towards this. The results indicate that driver sleepiness is a problem for city bus drivers, with 19% having to fight to stay awake while driving the bus 2-3 times each week or more and nearly half experiencing this at least 2-4 times per month. In conclusion, severe sleepiness, as indicated by having to fight sleep during driving, was common among the city bus drivers. Severe sleepiness correlated with fatigue related safety risks, such as near crashes.



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Industrial Health


AUNUND, A. ... et al, 2016. Factors associated with self-reported driver sleepiness and incidents in city bus drivers. Industrial Health, forthcoming.


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