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Generalised intermediate dimensions

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posted on 2023-08-01, 15:35 authored by Amlan BanajiAmlan Banaji
We introduce a family of dimensions, which we call the Φ-intermediate dimensions, that lie between the Hausdorff and box dimensions and generalise the intermediate dimensions introduced by Falconer, Fraser and Kempton. This is done by restricting the relative sizes of the covering sets in a way that allows for greater refinement than in the definition of the intermediate dimensions. We also extend the theory from Euclidean space to a wider class of metric spaces. We prove that these dimensions can be used to 'recover the interpolation' between the Hausdorff and box dimensions of compact subsets for which the intermediate dimensions are discontinuous at θ=0, thus providing finer geometric information about such sets. We prove continuity-like results involving the Assouad and lower dimensions, which give a sharp general lower bound for the intermediate dimensions that is positive for all θ∈(0,1] for sets with positive box dimension. We also prove Hölder distortion estimates, a mass distribution principle, and a Frostman type lemma, which we use to study dimensions of product sets.


Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant (RPG-2019-034)



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