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How is number processing affected by cognitive control? New evidence from number compatibility effects in task-switching

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posted on 12.01.2022, 15:30 by Andreas Schliephake, Julia BahnmuellerJulia Bahnmueller, Klaus Willmes, Iring Koch, Korbinian MoellerKorbinian Moeller
A growing body of research suggests that basic numerical abilities such as number magnitude processing are influenced by cognitive control processes. So far, evidence for number processing being affected by cognitive control processes stems primarily from observed adaptations of numerical effects to stimulus set characteristics (e.g., order or ratio of specific stimulus types). Complementing previous research on adaptation to stimulus set characteristics as an index of influences of cognitive control, the present study employed a task-switching paradigm to examine how cognitive control processes influence number processing. Participants were presented with a two-digit number and had to either judge its parity or compare its magnitude to a standard depending on a preceding cue. We expected numerical congruency effects (i.e., the unit-decade compatibility effect for magnitude comparisons and the parity congruity effect for parity judgements) to be larger in switch trials, as persisting activation of the task set of the preceding trial should increase interference. In contrast to our expectations, both numerical congruity effects were reduced following task switches as compared to repetitions. This interaction of task-switching with numerical congruency effects suggests an influence of cognitive control on basic number processing in form of persisting inhibition of previously abandoned task sets, so that these exert less influence on current number processing demands.


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under Grant Agreement No[HU 2359/2-1]



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