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Influence of muscle oxygenation and nitrate-rich beetroot juice supplementation on O2 uptake kinetics and exercise tolerance

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posted on 26.03.2020, 09:26 by Stuart CocksedgeStuart Cocksedge, Brynmor Breese, Paul Morgan, Leonardo Nogueira, Christopher Thompson, Lee Wylie, Andrew Jones, Stephen BaileyStephen Bailey
We tested the hypothesis that acute supplementation with nitrate (NO3-)-rich beetroot juice (BR) would improve quadriceps muscle oxygenation, pulmonary oxygen uptake (VO2) kinetics and exercise tolerance (Tlim) in normoxia and that these improvements would be augmented in hypoxia and attenuated in hyperoxia. In a randomized, doubleblind, cross-over study, ten healthy males completed two-step cycle tests to Tlim following acute consumption of 210 mL BR (18.6 mmol NO3-) or NO3--depleted beetroot juice placebo (PL; 0.12 mmol NO3-). These tests were completed in normobaric normoxia [fraction of inspired oxygen content (FIO2): 21%], hypoxia (FIO2: 15%) and hyperoxia (FIO2: 40%). Pulmonary VO2 and quadriceps tissue oxygenation index (TOI), derived from multi-channel near-infrared spectroscopy, were measured during all trials. Plasma [nitrite] was higher in all BR compared to all PL trials (P<0.05). Quadriceps TOI was higher in normoxia compared to hypoxia (P<0.05) and higher in hyperoxia compared to hypoxia and normoxia (P<0.05). Tlim was improved after BR compared to PL ingestion in the hypoxic trials (250 ± 44 vs. 231 ± 41 s; P=0.006; d=1.13), with the magnitude of improvement being negatively correlated with quadriceps TOI at Tlim (r = -0.78; P<0.05). Tlim was not improved following BR ingestion in normoxia (BR: 364 ± 98 vs. PL: 344 ± 78 s; P=0.087, d=0.61) or hyperoxia (BR: 492 ± 212 vs. PL: 472 ± 196 s; P=0.273, d=0.37). BR ingestion increased peak VO2 in hypoxia (P<0.05), but not normoxia or hyperoxia (P>0.05). These findings indicate that BR supplementation is more likely to improve Tlim and peak VO2 in situations when skeletal muscle is more hypoxic.



  • Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

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June 2020


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