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Integration of building information modeling with sport and facility: current status and future directions

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posted on 2023-09-01, 14:04 authored by Zhen Liu, Ziheng An, Mohamed OsmaniMohamed Osmani
Currently, sport is considered an entertainment and leisure industry and includes activities such as athletics, water, and skiing. The influence of a sport event exceeds the event itself, which indicates the importance of a sport facility to the building and construction. A sport facility refers to a facility related to the sport industry, mainly including not only stadiums, swimming pools, and sport centers, but also water parks, ski resorts, and other amusement facilities. At present, there is a lack of comprehensive exploration of integrated building information modeling (BIM) with sport and facilities and performance of applications to help identify potential opportunities to support sustainable development. Therefore, this paper aims to explore the integration of BIM, sport, and facility by revealing the current research status and hotspots in the field, which identifies the development lineage and emerging areas of the research and highlights the development trends and directions for future research towards sustainable development. This paper adopts a quantitative research method to investigate the current research status, hotspots, emerging areas, development trends, and important directions in the integration of BIM, sport, and facilities from macro-quantitative perspectives via bibliometric tools, i.e., VOSviewer and CiteSpace software packages. The main findings of this paper are that the hot keywords on the integration of BIM, sport, and facilities are mainly focused on BIM, facility management, framework, management, sport, construction, and design. Moreover, over the past 26 years (year 1997 to 2022), hot keywords for each year have been revealed through keyword co-occurrence overlay visualization analysis and identified in five schemes, i.e., life cycle assessment, emerging technology, behavior and sport, health and wellbeing, and sustainable built environment. Furthermore, the application of deep learning, IoT, and immersive experience technologies are current hot topics which could provide more innovative breakthroughs for the integration of BIM, sport, and facilities in the future for sustainable development.


Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology 2022 Overseas Famous Teacher Project: “Behavior and Service Design Course for Sustainable Youth Development City Construction (SYCBD)”



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