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Kinetics of wetting and spreading of droplets over various substrates

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posted on 09.03.2017, 11:41 by Omid Arjmandi-Tash, Nina Kovalchuk, Anna TrybalaAnna Trybala, I. Kuchin, Victor Starov
There has been a substantial increase in the number of publications in the field of wetting and spreading since 2010. This increase in the rate of publications can be attributed to the broader application of wetting phenomena in new areas. It is impossible to review such a huge number of publications; that is, some topics in the field of wetting and spreading are selected to be discussed below. These topics are as follows: (i) Contact angle hysteresis on smooth homogeneous solid surfaces via disjoining/conjoining pressure. It is shown that the hysteresis contact angles can be calculated via disjoining/conjoining pressure. The theory indicates that the equilibrium contact angle is closer to a static receding contact angle than to a static advancing contact angle. (ii) The wetting of deformable substrates, which is caused by surface forces action in the vicinity of the apparent three-phase contact line, leading to a deformation on the substrate. (iii) The kinetics of wetting and spreading of non-Newtonian liquid (blood) over porous substrates. We showed that in spite of the enormous complexity of blood, the spreading over porous substrate can be described using a relatively simple model: a power low-shear-thinning non-Newtonian liquid. (iv) The kinetics of spreading of surfactant solutions. In this part, new results related to various surfactant solution mixtures (synergy and crystallization) are discussed, which shows some possible direction for the future revealing of superspreading phenomena. (v) The kinetics of spreading of surfactant solutions over hair. Fundamental problems to be solved are identified.


This research was supported by European Science Foundation Marie Curie ITN grants MULTIFLOW and CoWet; Engineering and Physical Research Council, UK grants EP/J010596/1 and EP/D077869/1; Procter & Gamble, USA; European Space Agency under grants FASES, PASTA and MAP EVAPORATION.



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ARJMANDI-TASH, O. al., 2017. Kinetics of wetting and spreading of droplets over various substrates. Langmuir, 33 (18), pp.4367–4385


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