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Laser sintered body armour – establishing single layer stab protection

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posted on 2017-04-06, 13:23 authored by Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson, Guy Bingham, Candice E. Majewski
Purpose: The purpose of this research was to establish the minimum thickness required to provide stab protection in accordance with the United Kingdom Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) standards while testing a series of Laser Sintered planar specimens using instrumented test apparatus. Design/methodology/approach: Planar test specimens were Laser Sintered in single layer thicknesses ranging from 1.00 to 15.00 mm in four material powder categories – Duraform® virgin; Duraform® 50/50 mix, Duraform EX® virgin; and Duraform EX® 50/50 mix. All specimens were tested using instrumented drop test apparatus and were impacted with established Stanley Tools 1992 trimming blades to the UK HOSDB KR1-E1 stab impact energy. Findings: The research demonstrated that a minimum single planar specimen thickness of 11.00 mm, manufactured from Duraform EX® 50/50 mix powder, was required to provide protection against the HOSDB KR1-E1 level of stab impact energy. The alternative powder mixes tested within this experiment demonstrated poor levels of stab protection – with virgin powder specimens demonstrating no protection up to 15.00 mm, while Duraform® 50/50 mix specimens demonstrating inconsistent performances. Originality/Value: This paper enhances on existing literature surrounding the manufacturing and testing of Additive Manufactured stab resistant armour by adding further rigor to the testing of such specimens. In addition this research establishes key foundation characteristics which could be utilised for the future development of bespoke next-generation body armour garments realised via Laser Sintering.


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JOHNSON, A., BINGHAM, G.A. and MAJEWSKI, C.E., 2018. Laser sintered body armour – establishing single layer stab protection. Rapid Prototyping Journal, 24(1), pp. 130-137.


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