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Local authority and academic attitudes to urban road pricing: a UK perspective

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posted on 18.03.2009, 11:49 by Stephen Ison
Urban road pricing as an instrument of traf®c management has generated a great deal of interest in the UK in recent years. Whilst this is the case there is still no urban road pricing scheme in operation in the UK. The reason for this is primarily one of `acceptability.' This paper, through the use of a national survey, examines the attitudes of key stakeholder groups with respect to urban road pricing. How serious is traf®c congestion and traf®c related pollution perceived to be by Local Authority Councillors, Of®cials and the Academic community in the UK? How is urban road pricing viewed by this sub-group of the population in terms of its effectiveness and public acceptance when compared to other policy options? and how could the saleability of urban road pricing be improved? This raises issues in terms of how the revenue raised from urban road pricing should be utilised, the use of urban road pricing as part of a package of measures, the concerns expressed by the stakeholders with respect to urban road pricing, such as the invasion of road users' privacy, and the type of technology which should be considered. Overall, the paper aims to further the debate among policy makers.



  • Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering


ISON, S.G., 2000. Local authority and academic attitudes to urban road pricing: a UK perspective. Transport Policy, 7(4), pp. 269-277.


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