Making sense of stakeholder values emergence

2016-10-07T13:45:10Z (GMT) by Grant R. Mills Simon Austin
Relatively little is known about how the concept of sensemaking is triggered by knowledge of human values during the multi-stakeholder decision-making process of construction projects. The emergent, complex and dynamic nature of a cultural value and values system is modelled on a longitudinal case study to demonstrate stakeholders' unique perceptions. Empirical data were gathered through action research and the 'value in design' method were used to structure stakeholder dialogues at three interventions in the briefing and design stages of a new primary school project over a two-year period. A universal theory of human values was subsequently used to theoretically triangulate and postulate on the emergence of unique stakeholder values. The findings contribute new insights into the complex and emerging interrelationship between stakeholder value and values systems. It provides a dynamic perspective of a project culture and illustrates the role of universal values in supporting sensemaking.