Parameter estimation for condition monitoring of PMSM stator winding and rotor permanent magnets

2017-05-18T13:16:10Z (GMT) by Kan Liu Zi-Qiang Zhu David Stone
Winding resistance and rotor flux linkage are important to controller design and condition monitoring of a surface-mounted permanent-magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) system. In this paper, an online method for simultaneously estimating the winding resistance and rotor flux linkage of a PMSM is proposed, which is suitable for application under constant load torque. It is based on a proposed full-rank reference/variable model. Under constant load torque, a short pulse of id 0 is transiently injected into the d-axis current, and two sets of machine rotor speeds, currents, and voltages corresponding to id = 0 and id 0 are then measured for estimation. Since the torque is kept almost constant during the transient injection, owing to the moment of system inertia and negligible reluctance torque, the variation of rotor flux linkage due to injected id 0 can be taken into account by using the equation of constant torque without measuring the load torque and is then associated with the two sets of machine equations for simultaneously estimating the winding resistance and rotor flux linkage. Furthermore, the proposed method does not need the values of the $dq$-axis inductances, while the influence from the nonideal voltage measurement, which will cause an ill-conditioned problem in the estimation, has been taken into account and solved by error analysis. This method is finally verified on two prototype PMSMs and shows good performance. © 1982-2012 IEEE.