Quality assessment of an UWB positioning system for indoor wheelchair court sports

Ultra-Wide Band radio positioning systems are maturing very quickly and now represent a good candidate for indoor positioning. The aim of this study was to undertake a quality assessment on the use of a commercial Ultra-Wide Band positioning system for the tracking of athletes during indoor wheelchair court sports. Several aspects have been investigated including system setup, calibration, sensor positioning, determination of sport performance indicators and quality assessment of the output. With a simple setup procedure, it has been demonstrated that athletes tracking can be achieved with an average horizontal positioning error of 0.37 m (σ = ± 0.24 m). Distance covered can be computed after data processing with an error below 0.5% of the course length. It has also been demonstrated that the tag update rate and the number of wheelchairs on the court does not affect significantly the positioning quality; however, for highly dynamic movement tracking, higher rates are recommended for a finer dynamic recording.