Relational ageing: on intra-gender and generational dynamism among ageing Latvian women

2018-10-30T12:28:01Z (GMT) by Aija Lulle
In this paper I conceptualise relational ageing in spatial and comparative terms by comparing the life stories and practices of Latvian women who migrated with those who did not. By counterposing the literatures on global care and gender contracts, I make a plea for a time- space attentive geographical approach to ageing migrants, their pre-migration experiences and ongoing relations between migrants and non-migrants. Firstly, I present some lesser-known dynamics of women-to-women (intra-gender) relations in these two groups. Secondly, I nuance relational effects in contexts when women are ageing but the man is absent from care responsibilities. And thirdly, I focus on cross-generational relations narrated and practised by ageing women abroad and those who stayed in Latvia throughout their lives.