Scanning the horizon for high value-add manufacturing science: Accelerating manufacturing readiness for the next generation of disruptive, high-value curative cell therapeutics

2018-01-18T11:58:48Z (GMT) by Paul C. Hourd David Williams
Since the Regenerative Medicine sector entered the second phase of its development (RegenMed 2.0) more than a decade ago, there is increasing recognition that current technology innovation trajectories will drive the next translational phase towards the production of disruptive, high value curative cell and gene based regenerative medicines. In this short report, a long lens look within the pluripotent stem cell therapeutic space, both embryonic and induced, is used to gain early insights on where critical technology and manufacturing challenges may emerge. The report offers a future perspective on the development and innovation that will be needed within manufacturing science to add value in the production and commercialisation of the next generation of advanced cell therapies and precision medicines.