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Spin-dependent electron momentum densities in Cu2MnAl studied by Compton scattering

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posted on 2006-05-11, 11:46 authored by E. Zukowski, A. Andrejczuk, L. Dobrzynski, M.J. Cooper, M.A.G. Dixon, S. Gardelis, P.K. Lawson, T. Buslaps, S. Kaprzyk, Klaus-Ulrich Neumann, K.R.A. Ziebeck
The spin density in the Heusler alloy Cu2MnAl, has been studied in a Compton scattering experiment with 92 keV circularly polarized synchrotron radiation on the high-energy beamline at ESRF. The conduction electrons were found to have a negative spin polarization of 0:4 B which is at variance with the deduction of a positive moment from earlier neutron data; neither was any evidence found for a 3d spin moment on the copper site. The spin moment on the Mn site at room temperature was determined as 3:25 B, which is in agreement with neutron data. The spin-dependent Compton profiles for the [100], [110] and [111] directions, reported here, show anisotropy in the momentum density which is in good agreement with new KKR calculations based on a ferromagnetic ground state. By combining charge- and spin-dependent Compton data the momentum space anisotropies in the majority and minority bands have been analysed. Both the majority and minority spin densities are anisotropic.



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ZUKOWSKI et al, 1997. Spin-dependent electron momentum densities in Cu2MnAl studied by Compton scattering. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 9(49), pp. 10993–11005


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