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Spray freeze granulation of submicrometre alpha-alumina using ultrasonication

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posted on 2017-01-06, 14:48 authored by Shaghayegh Ghanizadeh, Prabhu Ramanujam, Vaidhy VaidhyanathanVaidhy Vaidhyanathan, J.G.P. Binner
Granulation is a key factor towards improvement of the flowability of fine ceramic powders to make them suitable for industrial dry pressing. Controlled granulation of fine alumina particles with a primary particle size of ∼ 150 nm was carried out using spray-freeze drying, which led to the production of flowable granules with high crushability. The fracture surface of uniaxially die-pressed green bodies made from granules with density values of ≥ 50%of theoretical showed a uniform microstructure. Sintering experiments were performed using conventional single- and two-stage radiant heating methods followed by density and grain size measurement and characterisation of the final dense compacts to study the efficiency of two-stage sintering in grain growth elimination. The results have been compared with those of alumina bodies prepared using similar suspension by the slip-casting route.


This study was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), United Kingdom



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Journal of Ceramics Science and Technology


GHANIZADEH, S. ... et al., 2017. Spray freeze granulation of submicrometre alpha-alumina using ultrasonication. Journal of Ceramics Science and Technology, 7(4), pp. 455-462.


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